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Phillip Island

Heading into the final GT3 Cup Challenge round of the year Tim had a handy but not unassailable lead in the 'Elite' (Semi-Professional) Championship; Jaxon had a huge challenge where three race wins with championship leader Hamish Hardeman finishing second wasn't going to be enough to clinch the title. Hardeman had to have a DNF for Jaxon to prevail, but Jaxon approached the weekend with the same determination as every other race weekend.

Despite being a couple of seasons less experienced than the 'Pro' Championship leaders in terms of experience racing cars, Jake was keen to upstage his highly rated Pro Championship rivals.

Jaxon Evans

GT3 Cup Challenge 'Pro Class' - 1st, 2nd, 1st

Jaxon did a great job to stamp his authority on the weekend by being blindingly quick in practice and qualifying.

After a good start from the outside of the front row, he bravely went around the outside of Hardeman in the daunting turn 1 then sustained intense pressure to win the first race by two tenths of a second.

In race 2 he started from pole and pulled a small lead, looking set for another win until being baulked by a back marker in the last corner leading to the finish line being beaten by 5 hundredths of a second.

In the final race he got another great start and dominated the race pulling a 3 second lead by lap 9. Unbelievably championship nemesis Hardeman picked up a puncture on the last lap, almost halting his progress and handing the championship to Jaxon.

Jaxon Evans at Phillip Island

Tim Miles

GT3 Cup Challenge 'Elite Class' - 6th, 1st, 1st

Tim started the weekend well, being very quick in practice and qualifying 3rd in Elite class.

In race 1, he wasn't feeling 100% and although he had an impressive first few laps, he dropped a rear wheel off the road exiting turn 4 dropping him well down the order and allowing championship contender Sam Shahin a leisurely win.

In race 2 he was feeling better, had his usual lightening start and first lap, then raced hard but fair with Anthony Gilbertson and won race 2 after starting from grid 6.

In race 3 he had another cracking start but had the emerging Gilbertson apply huge pressure throughout the whole race, and after a respectful but aggressive dice Tim did a great job to take what is likely to be his last win in GT3CC.

Tim Miles at Phillip Island

Jake Klarich

GT3 Cup Challenge 'Pro Class' - 3rd, DNF, DNS

Jake wasn't able to test with Tim and Jaxon last month so did another great job to qualify 3rd just over a second off Jaxon and Hardeman.

In race 1 he got a sketchy start and had to deal with some of the top Elite Championship contenders for a few laps until he got clear and headed off after Jaxon and Hardeman to finish another fine 3rd.

In race two Jake had just completed a demon inside pass on Sam Shahin when one of the Elite drivers behind lost control and t-boned Jake heavily on the right hand side as he turned into turn 4. The impact put Jake in the medical centre and damaged the roll cage bad enough to put him out for the weekend.

It’s a shame for Jake that this year there haven’t been the usual 6-8 pro drivers he would normally compete against, but his 3rd place in the championship in his first full season out of karts is extremely impressive.

Jake Klarich at Phillip Island


The team is rapt, with Tim winning the first major championship of his career, and Jaxon having an almost perfect weekend, and despite not quite winning the championship, he won five of the last six Pro Championship races.

It was a tough final round for Jake but his team spirit, humility and talent set him apart. We are really keen to help him put a deal together to race with MR next season.

We missed our great mate Jim Campbell who couldn't join us due to business commitments.

On behalf of MR we would like to our drivers, supporters, friends and family and race fans for following us on our journey in the 2016 GT3 Cup Challenge Championship.

We are looking forward to running Tim and Jaxon in other championships in 2017 and welcoming Anthony Gilbertson to join Jim and another Pro driver in the 2017 GT3 Cup Challenge Championship.

We will leave you with a few shots from the 'Super Heroes' themed presentation dinner and look forward to seeing you again at a racetrack near you!!

GT3 Cup Challenge Awards Dinner at Phillip Island
Tim Miles at the GT3 Cup Challenge Awards Dinner at Phillip Island
Andy McElrea, Tim Miles and Jaxon Evans at the GT3 Cup Challenge Awards Dinner at Phillip Island
Jake Klarich at Phillip Island
The McElrea Racing Team at the GT3 Cup Challenge Awards Dinner at Phillip Island